How to buy

Buying Add-Ons or Modules is very easy. Follow the below steps for buying the product. If you place an Order through our Website, the ordering process comprises four steps: 

1. You select the desired goods (Software licenses). 

2. You check all items in your shopping cart and apply any necessary changes. You click the “Buy” button to proceed to Checkout. 

3. If you have not already done so, you log into your user account with email and password and enter the required customer data for the invoice. 

4. Finally, on the “Checkout” page, you check the preferred method of payment and confirm your acceptance of the conditions that shall apply to the purchase. Here, you can again change the invoice details, check your purchase data and return to the cart by clicking “Back to cart”. By clicking “Buy now”, your Order becomes binding. 


There are two ways to view the Add-On or Module.

First way is to search Add-On or Module in "Search Bar". Just type the name for Add-On or Module you are looking for and it will be displayed on the screen.

Second way to search is to click on menu of Tally Add-Ons or Tally Modules and search the relevant module you are looking for. select the products you want to view by clicking on them.

You’ll be taken to the detail page of that product.

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In detail page you can see the images, description, price and other related information. Once you finalise the Add-On or Module click on "Buy" button and it will proceed to check out form.

If you wish to buy multiple product you need to click on menu or search in search option. Continue shopping by using the navigation, or the search function.

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After you finalise the list of product (s), click on "checkout" button. After clicking "checkout" button website will guide you to next page to fill the buyer details.

You need to fill your details as given below:

1) Shopping Cart: You can see the list of product you have finalised to buy with coupon. Click Next.

2) Payer Type: Select Individual or Company. Click Next.

3) Delivery: For the product having softkey, delivery will be done online. And for physical product delivery will be done through courier.

4) Payment: Click on change button to see the bank details for payment. Right now we accept payment through NEFT.

5) Customer: Fill customer form details. Please note all the details provided by you should be correct to avoid miscommunication.

After you fill the form tick the consent and then click on checkout.

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Order Confirmation

After checkout you order is confirmed and you will receive the mail for payment with bank details.

KV Solutions may, at its discretion, accept or reject the Order. KV Solutions will accept your Order by sending an order confirmation or simply by delivering the ordered Software to you. 

Unless otherwise stated, the effective date of the purchase agreement is the date on which KV Solutions confirms by email the acceptance of your Order. 

In case of purchase on advance payment, the purchase agreement is subject to the condition of and shall become binding for KV Solutions only upon receipt of the full payment for the purchase.


Once the payment is done reply on the same mail with payment reference details. 

With our payment confirmation and/or delivery, we will send you a copy of the corresponding Order, including the corresponding invoice, to your email address.

(1) You can check our payment methods described on the Website. KV Solutions reserves the right to exclude or include particular payment methods at any time. 

(2) You shall be obligated to pay the amount due without delay in full. Our acceptance of your Order in this case will be subject to receipt of your payment. 

(3) If your payment has not be made within 7 days upon receipt of the invoice, KV Solutions will have the right to cancel the contract.

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Once the payment is confirmed at our end we will send the delivery details of Add-Ons or Modules through the email. 

 (1) KV Solutions will send the delivery email to the address indicated in your Order. The delivery contains the schedule and the invoice. 

(2) KV Solutions shall deliver the Software without delay upon confirmation of your successful payment of the purchase price. Time for delivery shall be prolonged by reasonable periods in case of force majeure or other events for which KV Solutions is not responsible, such as disruptions in operations, strikes, natural disasters, pandemic, authority measures, or troubles with telecommunications. 

(3) The Software shall remain the property of KV Solutions until all liabilities under the Order have been paid in full, the earlier passing of the risk notwithstanding. 

(4) The deliveries are made at the risk of the purchaser who is responsible for downloading the Software from the email. Unless specified otherwise, license keys are valid for the period of lifetime or one year from the date of delivery.

Please contact on below details in case of delivery and implementation of Add-Ons & Modules